Best Showroom

Interior Designer of the Year
Under $1,000,000

With this studio, I wanted to create something totally different in Naples and at the same time, reflect who I am and what I do as a designer. The beautiful white porcelain floor was used in contrast with dark walls and wallpaper to create a beautiful background for all of the pieces of art in the boutique area. The lighting design was created specifically to enhance and highlight the beauty of our products. With a beautiful bar for events and a movable island, we created a subtle yet practical space to be used for our client presentations as well as our events. In the conference room, we used the lasted in technology from the Television to the lighting, to create the perfect setting for our clients. All of the offices are in white furniture to give a neutral background while we are working on projects, and accented with black and gold office chairs. Design lighting in the office represents the similar design of the wallpaper which is inspired in the first computer system to make it more interesting and meaningful.