Space Renovation

$800,001 – $1,000,000

While most people consider an old home home on the beach to be a tear down, these homeowners from Europe absolutely love their Naples cottage on the beach. The original house was built in the 1950’s and it sits well below the current FEMA base flood elevation. The existing home had been added on to a few times over the past 70 years, so it had a mish-mash of roof lines, low ceiling heights, older MEP systems, and outdated foundation and wood shell structure. However, the low elevation of the house created an irreplaceable bond between the house, the wide open yard leading to the beach and the view of the ocean. The relationship between the house and the ocean could not be duplicated with a new FEMA compliant structure. So the goals of this renovation became clear, improve the structure of the home, improve the home’s ability to withstand hurricanes, upgrade the MEP systems, open the house to the ocean views and bring in lots of natural light. The center of the house was removed from the roof down to the old wood foundation. The MEP systems were cut back to the main area of the house. Temporary electric and a/c were run to the remaining, temporarily detached section of the house. The new center section of the house was re-built to reconnect the separated sections of the house, including all new concrete and masonry, structural steel, wood floor, wall and roof framing, new metal roof, and new code complaint exterior doors and windows. The exterior was finished to match the original sections of the house, including wood siding and metal roof. The interior was finished to match the surrounding sections of the house, including a natural maple floor that was finished on-site. Not only was it a tremendous challenge to make new construction blend seamlessly with 1950’s construction, all of the work had to be performed within the FEMA 50% rule. To achieve the goal of the renovation it was critical that we maintain the character of the “cottage on the beach” and hear the “call of the sea.”

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