Best Kitchen Design

Private Residence
$5,000,001 – $7,000,000

The homeowner has a beautiful home, which was stuck in the dated “Tuscan” style. Two of her favorite pastimes are: 1) cooking and 2) gardening. The kitchen was very dark and closed off from the living area, with no seating within the room. This left her feeling separated from her guests anytime she entertained. She also couldn’t see her beautiful gardens from the kitchen, but could see them from the adjacent breakfast room. Another challenge was a small badly configured pantry located behind the refrigerator wall. We proposed eliminating the wall between the breakfast room and the kitchen to allow more light to come into the kitchen and allow a limited view of the gardens, but that required the elimination of some cabinetry. At first, the homeowner felt this was too big of a sacrifice, with too small of a gain. So we had to come up with some “make-up” storage space and a better view to justify this change. We then proposed turning the direction of the island to gain a better garden view, some additional storage and allow for seating at the island, but we needed a longer run of space. Thinking about the badly configured existing pantry, we proposed pushing the refrigerator wall back and for-fitting the pantry. This was meeting the homeowners needs well, we now had seating in the kitchen, more natural light and a great view of the garden. Still it bothered us that we had eliminated the pantry, so we looked at adjacent rooms and found an unused long, narrow, office space and converted it into a more functional pantry than the one we had eliminated. Now we had met the clients wants and needs and given her a beautiful new white kitchen with a blue island! The added benefit of eliminating the wall between the kitchen and breakfast room….now she could see her beautiful garden as soon she entered her home from her garage!

Thank you