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Smith & DeShields is a family-owned building supply company that has been serving Florida since 1957. Its four locations and multiple showrooms provide customers with the highest quality and widest variety of doors, hardware, moulding, and commercial and architectural products. This past year, Smith & DeShields recognized that their logo and branding was in need of a refresh. The challenge was to evolve the current Smith & DeShields logo, rather than embark upon a complete redesign. Sixty years of brand equity necessitated that. Their logo evolution paid homage to their roots by utilizing their existing color palette and incorporating a new ‘door’ icon which had long been the company’s mark or brand. The company’s old logo included an exterior door as Smith & Deshields has long been known for its wide selection of interior and exterior doors. While the new logo incorporated a door as well, the new illustration was sleeker, more modern and reflective of the inventory they offer today.

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