Best Master Suite


Interior Designer
Model Home
$2,000,001 – $2,500,000

Designing a Model Home always has its rewards along with challenges. The challenge that we had with this model was that the builder really wanted to show as many of the standard selections as possible. This is good for the client to know what is included in the base model but also takes out the element of “What is Possible!” We needed to balance between staying completely within the base and bringing in hints of possibilities. We needed to put on our creative hats and step up for this challenge and I believe this Master Suite is incredibly beautiful, luxurious, functional, while being a attractive to a wide selection of the population/ prospective buyers or future builders.. The Floor plan has wonderful double doors that peaks into the suite hallway with art light and feature artwork, without losing the fact that this is a “private” space. The bedroom is to the left, highlighted by enormous egress picture windows. To keep some privacy the bed wall does not have windows, but has painted wood detail that makes it a feature wall and highlights the high end furniture. We brought in some amazing personality with artwork of a man’s jacket and woman’s dress that is completely made up of small push pins and string behind glass. There are 2 large Master Closets- His and Hers, that are completely built in complete with mirrored doors, jewelry drawers, and woodgrain finish. We designed this to work with the upscale bedroom, while staying within the builder budget. The Master Bath is a fabulous blend of being roomy, but not too big. There are 2 big windows with automated shades for privacy and fun small porthole window in the WC. The cabinetry is floating for some great style but it also has plenty of storage. The large mirrors, sconces, and chandelier are finishing touches that highlight the shear scale of this amazing room. To stay as close to the builder base budget, we used tile within the budget and then added a decorative tile to make a border rug on the floor and change the direction of the main floor tile on the interior. I stated some of the challenges here, but our biggest reward has been the buyers that have toured the home and have commented on how nice it is to see that a base price doesn’t mean that you need to give up on opulence. By being budget conscience, you don’t have to compromise on style.