Best Magazine Ad


Encore Garage of Southwest Florida has built an impeccable reputation over the years as the garage enhancement experts in the area offering garage floor coatings, garage cabinetry and specialty organization solutions. As leaders in their field, Encore Garage has transformed over 6,000 garages into beautiful, clean and efficient spaces by utilizing the most advanced floor coating systems, custom-designed cabinetry and ceiling-mounted organizers. To immediately catch the eye of the reader, Encore Garage utilized photography that featured a red, vintage vehicle in the forefront that contrasted against the neutral gray background. The copy served to paint the rest of the picture by demonstrating that perfectly organized garages are something to get �revved up� about. The challenge that Encore Garage faced when creating this ad was determining how to make a task like garage organization seem exciting. By including a vintage and brightly colored vehicle and a headline that played on words served that function and the ad immediately became something that drew readers in and got their attention.

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