Best Newspaper Ad


This community built within the gates of Bonita Bay is one of the finest luxury high rises to come to Southwest Florida. With an unsurpassed list of amenities such as day cabanas, a theater with built-in raised bar seating and popcorn machine, fitness center with massage, steam room, locker rooms and poolside day beds, residents at this community are sure to experience a level of luxury Southwest Florida has never seen before. Additional amenities include expansive waterfront views and extraordinary appointments that come standard with every condominium and a premier location just minutes from Naples and intimately close to miles of pristine beaches. One of the challenges that was presented by this project was that construction has not yet started. An advertisement was needed that highlighted a community that physically does not exist. To illustrate this, the main photo selected for the ad was not a rendering of what the community will be, but instead, it’s a woman, clearly enjoying herself on a beach. Because the community is located within Bonita Bay and has waterfront views, the photo of a woman became the connection to the community and did so in a nearly seamless manner. To tie the beauty of the beach and of the community with its exclusivity, the headline O, so beautiful. O, so exclusive, was created, which is also a play on words with the community’s name – Omega.

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