Marketing Director of the Year


Nick won this award last year’to be blunt, he deserved it. There really isn’t anyone in our industry like him. Sure he does marketing, but there’s so much more to his role with Knauf-Koenig Group. Recently watching ‘The Last Dance’ documentary about the Chicago Bulls Dynasty and their last season, there was a quote from Michael Jordan where he said, ‘Whenever they speak about Michael Jordan, they should speak about Scottie Pippen.’ This couldn’t be truer about Knauf-Koenig Group and Nick’whenever someone speaks about our company, Nick’s name is in the conversation. Marketing/Business Development ‘ Nick wears many hats at the company, but his main role is the director of marketing. He is in charge of everything related to our brand image; from the website and social media to the marketing material and signage people see on a daily basis. Nick created and continues to maintain all of our social media which through his efforts assisted on multiple homes of ours being sold through an Instagram post he made. In 2018 his social media efforts won a Sand Dollar award for Social Media Marketing of the Year. All of this marketing leads to business development which Nick is at the forefront for Knauf-Koenig Group. He is in charge of bringing in business for our company and has increased our revenue immensely from 2019 to 2020. In 2019, he was responsible for bringing in over $30 million dollars in new build and remodel jobs’a great year for us. He continues to challenge himself, and every year he tries to beat the previous sales number’ in 2020 he did just that. With $40 million dollars plus on the books, Nick is not only bringing in more business, but the size and location of the homes are better. We are building our first beachfront home at 21 Gulf Shore Blvd. N. (at the writing of this only 4 other builders are constructing homes on the beach). He has also brought in three new Port Royal jobs, bringing us back into that market/area where in 2019 we didn’t have much of a presence. Size of the homes has increased from an average of 5,500 sq. ft. in 2019 to this year being 7,000 sq. ft. with multiple homes we’re building being over 10,000 sq. ft. (under a/c). (**Note**- this marketing statement was finished then right before deadline Nick landed an 11,000 sq. ft. build job for us in Pine Ridge Estates. It will be approximately a $6M project for us.) Nick’s efforts are one of the biggest reasons for now the past 4 years we have built the most homes in the City of Naples (every year he’s been with Knauf-Koenig Group). The biggest reason for this is the relationships Nick has developed throughout the building, design and architectural industries. Naples is full of networks where certain architects and designers refer the same builders over and over. In addition to strengthening the bonds he already has with current industry professionals, Nick was able to break through those untapped networks, establish relationships with the right people and get new projects with some of the top architects and designers such as MHK Architecture, Ficarra Design, Kukk Architects and Freestyle Interiors just to name a few. ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing will be forever be the best way to market a product or service. By attending industry events, setting up lunches and meetings, and shaking so many hands while staying in the public eye, he has helped our brand grow with everyone knowing our company’s and Nick’s name. His direct marketing approach has also played a big factor in our success. He scours Collier County Appraiser’s website to find the latest sales in the areas Knauf-Koenig Group targets, specifically from Pelican Bay south through Park Shore and The Moorings to Port Royal and over to Royal Harbor. Nick can pinpoint which property, based on price and research, is a knock-down followed by a rebuild or a remodel. With this information he sends a marketing box, not an envelope, so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of all the mail the ‘target’ receives. The marketing box consists of a welcome letter, a list of past, present and future homes we are building, a 4-page brochure of our recently published home in Home & Design magazine, a marketing brochure, and a Knauf-Koenig Group logoed tote bag. On average we send out about 200 marketing boxes a year and this year have converted 4 into new construction build jobs. We just went through a worldwide pandemic, but potential clients and realtors continue to contact us looking to have Knauf-Koenig Group build their next home’business never slowed down; it in fact increased during the COVID-19 caused shut-down. Keep in mind all of this is done by one person’Nick. He doesn’t have multiple marketing team members nor an ad agency behind him. He takes the pressure seriously being responsible for the well-being of not only Knauf-Koenig Group but all of our sub-contractors as well and keeping everyone busy by bringing in more work. Human Resources ‘ Expanding on the team first approach, Nick is in charge of the search for new employees as the company continues to grow. He interviews the candidates and suggests who to hire based upon his 10+ years management experience in previous roles. This year alone he has brought in an accountant, had to hire an additional administrative assistant and three superintendents. He has a good eye for the right employee, and the results are the employees he’s brought in have improved the team’s efficiency and morale with zero turnover and expanding our number of employees from 18 to 23. Knauf-Koenig Group’s entire team, from office staff to superintendents, are running as smooth as we ever have. Awards & Publications ‘ Building a brand contains several avenues one must travel down to continue to keep our name at the forefront as one of the luxury home builders in Naples, FL. This includes winning awards, getting homes published in magazines and gaining the recognition to solidify our place at the top. Before Nick came on board, we had zero CBIA Sand Dollar awards. In four years since his hiring, our homes have earned 36 Sand Dollars (17 of which were last year for most won by a company, and 5 more awards won than the next closest builder), including the prestigious Product Design of the Year every year we have entered. The amount of times our homes have been published has grown every year as well. Home & Design, Gulf Shore Life’s At Home, and Florida Design magazines have featured our homes in their national and Naples publications, and we even earned our first ever cover on Florida Design’s Naples edition for our home at 702 Tamarind Court in Pelican Bay, as well as adding our first Home & Design cover for 2651 Tarpon Road this past year. CBIA & Volunteering ‘ When doing anything Nick goes full speed ahead and dives right in. This includes joining CBIA which has led to some amazing volunteering experiences. In the past year Nick has played a vital role on the CBIA’s board of directors, CBIA’s Sales & Marketing Council’s board of directors, ARM (Ambassador Retention Membership) and Golf committees, and continues to volunteer for the CBIA Toy Drive that distributes toys to kids at schools in Immokalee and east Naples. His greatest joy is helping kids, especially since he is still a relatively new dad. Nick’s daughter, Piper, will be turning three years old soon and venturing off to the Village School of Naples. There he will continue his volunteering efforts being involved with the school and neighboring church, North Naples Church. Nick Radick is not only our director of marketing, but a husband and father in his family role. He’s able to balance his work/family/volunteering perfectly and help us grow as a company while keeping everyone smiling with his infectious personality. Nick is very humbled and proud to be nominated for the marketing director of the year award, and we really enjoy having him as an integral part of our team.

Thank you