Best Specialty Feature

Interior Designer
$50,001 – $75,000

This custom onyx bar sets the mood of a casual night in or turn the lights on for a glowing statement piece during a soirée. At first thought this unique piece was intended to be a stand-alone bar with access on all sides. That idea morphed into being pushed against the wall with the benefit of utilizing a power source for the beverage refrigerator. This was an absolute must-have when conceptualizing and designing the bar. There are several specialty features within this combined drybar area. The back lit countertop and full height backsplash behind intricately designed backless, polished stainless cabinets with pivot hinges and integrated hardware and the lighting itself are all special in and of themselves. The delicate proportion of the metal frame cabinetry did not allow for a standard cabinet door hinge. We worked tirelessly with a local metal fabricator to produce this suspended cabinet. The decision to incorporate lighting into the design was a no-brainer when it came to showing off this show stopping stone’s natural beauty. It’s safe to say this space is incomplete without this feature!

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