Best Newsletter


To be the ultimate country club for healthy active living in Southwest Florida’ as the forerunners in Southwest Florida Country Club lifestyle. We strive to provide the best to our membership through our enthusiasm and dedication. We create value whilst promoting growth by producing quality media assets that reflect the understated elegance and endless amenities of our Club. A newsletter turned magazine. In this 50 + page piece, you will find out about all the happenings at your favorite Country Club. Our newsletter magazines are complete with member interest stories, Club photo galleries, fun and informative articles, and so much more, all wrapped up in our beautifully produced and printed pages. – Themed Cover – 8.5″by 11″Printed Newsletter Magazine – 54 Pages – Matte Finish and Silk Paper Pages – Saddled Stitched – Designed in-house – Direct Mail This piece is where our in house creative team ‘runs free’. Modeled after the Club’s original 12-page newsletter, this past year we transformed the newsletter into a high quality internal publication. Wearing many hats, our team set out to produce excellence in the form of copywriting, photography, graphic design, journalism, and much more. Featuring the content the members would value, the piece is directly mailed to our members’ homes. The newsletter has now become a marketing tool and great resource for attracting potential members.

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