Best Commercial Remodel

Under $1,000,000

The goal of the Humane Society von Arx Adoption Center was to offer more space than the previous center in Coastland Center Mall. This facility allowed the dogs to be able to go outside, which was a great need. The new 3000 square foot location was reconfigured from three original retail spaces designed with certain important criteria in mind: -A total of twelve rooms were strategically positioned to not traumatize any of the transitioning cats or dogs and allow for a comfortable space. -4 x cat rooms -5 x dog rooms – 1 x isolation room -2 x meet and greet rooms -Each room was built with its own independent water, filtration, and drainage systems. -A total of three HVAC systems were installed, one of which needed to be craned in, set, and ducted through. -The extensive HVAC system was also customized so cats and dogs could have their own respective air ventilation. This was engineered to prevent cross contamination throughout the facility which could potentially cause anxiety for the animals. -Industrial washer, dryer and sink systems were installed to ensure efficiency cleaning the many blankets and towels used each day. -The AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry introduces state of the art technology to drastically improve the sanitization of the facility by removing the soils and contaminants out of the environment and flushing them down the drain. A hot cleaning solution is sprayed on the surface then rinsed and vacuumed away leaving the surface clean, residue-free and dry. -Custom epoxy floors were poured to allow the best sanitation practices in an animal facility. -An outdoor area complete with artificial turf over a sand bed system was built to allow all dogs to have freedom to play outside. – The result is a functional, healthy and safe space for the animals, the staff and the new families that walk through the doors.