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Government Office
$3,000,001 – $5,000,000

The project consisted primarily of removal and replacement of old the chiller, installation of an additional chiller, piping, duct work, air handling units, and structural improvements. The project incorporated removal and replacement of existing roof with 4 ply modified bituminous roofing system on new insulation with related flashings and accessories. The project requiried off-hour work (nights and weekends), phasing of work, and sequencing and transitioning from existing systems to new systems in order to maintain operation of facility in its normal course of business. The current chiller was approximately 13 years old and the current HVAC equipment was approximately 25 years old. This chiller is in need of replacement due to the equipment exceeding its useful life. The remaining equipment was in need of replacement due to the improper distribution of air. Multiple attempts to properly cool the building have been completed and the system cannot be balanced to properly distribute air. This project & commissioning brought the equipment up to current codes.The replacement and installation project waslocated at the Collier County Growth Management Department, 2800 North Horseshoe Drive, Naples, FL. This full scope of work included removal and replacement of the old chiller, installation of an additional chiller (for redundancy / back-up), installation of steel structural work for securing and supporting equipment on the roof, installation of related equipment, such as, piping, duct work, air handling units, VAV boxes, and bringing the systems up to code. Chiller Yard work included, the following items: Removal of existing chiller Removal and installation of new concrete chiller yard slabs and equipment pads Furnishing and installation of the replacement chiller Furnishing and installation of a second chiller (for redundancy / back-up) Replacement and installation of new piping and connections Replacement of control systems HVAC renovation work included, the following items: Replacement of the HVAC system in the existing North GMD Building Demolition and removal of the existing roof top equipment Furnishing and installation of new rooftop Air Handling Units Replacement of duct work Replacement of roof decking, as required for installation of a new roof top equipment and removal of old. Roof repair from where equipment is removed Phased roof demolition and replacement including insulation. Phased as required with installation of new air handling units and demolition of existing. Demolition and replacement of metal roof copings and lighting protection system. All existing gutters were to be replaced. Installation of structural supports, new columns, roof curbs, and foundations for air handling units Interior HVAC work for replacement and installation of new duct work, chilled water piping extension (to go to roof) Installation of interior VAV boxes, air handling units.

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