Best Healthcare Facility

$1,000,001 – $3,000,000

Naples residents now have a convenient, innovative and beautifully appointed new location to visit Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS and their talented eye care team. Frantz Eyecare contracted with the construction manager more than six months prior to construction starting with a concept of a new facility to accommodate their growing Naples clientele. Frantz EyeCare, the design team and the construction manager thoughtfully collaborated on a design that aligned with their budget and schedule, provided the aesthetic appeal to the Naples community and promotes staff efficiency, data collection and a unique and comfortable patient flow experience. Frantz EyeCare creates a non-clinical facility for patients while doubling their previous office space. Upon entering, patients are welcomed into the optical boutique where they can shop for eyewear before and after appointments. Prior to seeing an ophthalmologist in one of the 21 exam rooms, or lanes; patients progress through a carefully designed space of computerized testing to evaluate eye conditions and vision capabilities. The cornerstone of the entire facility with everything else being designed around it, the testing area features translucent acrylic panels and LED light coves emitting a warm and calming glow. The neighboring patient lounge offers relaxation for dilated eyes with stacked stone panels and the Frantz brand reflected in the soft lighting. The lanes include an accent wall with unique MDC Dimension wall panels and hospital grade Serenity barn doors with soft open/close functionality and high sound rating. Wide hallways are expressed with a mixture of materials, lighting and varying shapes to create interest and movement as patients flow through the office. Frantz EyeCare was built concurrently with the shell building which is developer owned. The construction manager had to effectively coordinate and communicate between multiple design teams as the building exterior had a different architect than Frantz EyeCare. The construction manager completed the project in accordance with the project schedule and delivered the project $90,000 under budget. The client was so pleased with their performance, they contracted with them for the construction of their surgery center which is currently in progress on the second floor of the same building.

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