Best Landscape Design

Under $250,000

This client wanted to create a low-maintenance pool amenity and entertainment area for their hotel, where guests can spend enjoyable and relaxing hours together all year long. In addition to adding a synthetic grass lounge area around a beautiful and inviting fire pit, the owners incorporated a significant amount of premium synthetic landscape grass around the pool and at the hotel entrance in order to save maintenance time and costs, maintain the aesthetic curb appeal of the facilities, and ensure clean amenity areas while investing in responsible landscaping. What does this investment mean? WATER CONSERVATION – This specific artificial turf product requires no water to maintain its lush, green, beautiful appearance. The beauty and functionality of the product makes it an ideal alternative to natural grass that also saves precious water. The Southern Nevada Water Authority estimates that every square foot of natural grass replaced saves 55 gallons of water per year. CHEMICAL-FREE MAINTENANCE – This premium line of synthetic grasses help reduce the introduction of chemicals into the environment by eliminating fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers that are commonly used to maintain natural grass landscaping. This is especially important for the health and safety of hotel guests, and the well-being of southwest Florida’s ecology. Now a manicured event lawn can be achieved with no mowing, seeding, or edging, which reduces emissions from lawn care equipment. RECYCLING – The multi-layered backing system in landscape synthetic grass features recycled and renewable materials. The final backing layer is comprised of recycled plastic bottles from Project Yellowstone, an innovative recycling partnership with Yellowstone National Park. A second layer features BioCel technology created from soybean plants, which are 100% renewable resources. HEALTH AND WELLNESS – This premium synthetic grass does not harbor insects or contain allergens present in natural grass. By installing synthetic grass products, hotel guests can breathe freely and sun comfortably while staying active and enjoying the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Where natural grass is a challenge, like high-traffic areas and green spaces above ground level, quality synthetic grass products fill the bill for years to come. This hotel now has an inviting entrance to compliment its noticeable architecture and soft luxuriant green spaces where guests can take in the beauty of Naples along Fifth Avenue.

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