Best Direct Mail


Diamond Custom Homes builds exceptional custom homes in Southwest Florida. They deliver a high level of service and personal attention, guiding clients through every step as they build towards distinction and breathtaking results. To grow their presence in communities where they’ve already seen success, the agency produced a direct mail campaign targeting even more homeowners in these most celebrated neighborhoods. The piece begins with a separate folded letter with an attractive gradient design in a range of blues. The headline reads: Experts in your community. Upon opening, the letter addresses the reader as a neighbor, explaining Diamond’s relationship-driven qualities and supremely unique estates. The president of the company invites the reader to learn more. Included in the mail piece are three cards. On the front, each card features a unique company attribute, including passion, trust, and unmatched customer service. The copy expands on the idea: Your dream is our direction. On the back, the cards feature photos of before-and-afters and the unrivaled design of their custom Florida homes. The engaging mail piece leaves a lasting impact on readers who may already recognize the Diamond logo. And if they haven’t, they won’t forget it now with this beautifully branded outreach.

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