Best TV Commercial


Why a brand ad? Every business sells some kind of ‘product’ and provides different services. But, the long-term success of a business is driven by its brand perception. This perception is driven by a multitude of attributes: price, quality of product, and much more. But, without question, the experience our customers receive when interacting with our brand IS the brand differentiator that will bring them back to us — time and time again. Brand perception is what builds customer loyalty and drives more traffic and sales to a business. This ad was created to tell the story of our brand, highlighting our talented team, our products, our services — and most importantly the customer experience they can expect  a customer experience designed to be different, designed with them in mind. We created both a 30 second and a 1+ minute version of this video with the intention of using it across several mediums: TV, In-Store, Digital Media, and Social Media platforms — YouTube and Facebook. Every single customer touchpoint matters and the experience we deliver must be enjoyable, consistent, and seamless. This ad is our way of sharing that story with a less is more creative approach. We incorporated beautiful imagery, all from different models designed by our talented team, simple copy that communicates our main attributes and the perfect piece of music that draws the viewer in as the momentum and energy of the piece of music builds. We hope you enjoy the two different versions included!

Thank you