Best Master Suite

Interior Designer
Private Residence
$2,000,001 – $2,500,000

Fondly considered the Crown Jewel of our portfolio, the Master Suite we designed for one of our most prestigious clients evokes the luxuriousness and old world glamour of the world’s finest hotels, prompting her to claim, “I don’t want to leave my room!” Her modern, yet contemporary sensibility was artfully captured in the space where we blended her cool sophistication with welcoming comfort. In the bedroom, the soft textures – the cloud-like bedding, billowing window treatments and decadently piled rug and bench – are juxtaposed with the sleek custom frame molding on the walls and generous custom-designed bed frame. Her request for a “dreamy” enclave was far exceeded by the final result. Throughout the home, we leaned into the existing architectural details, enhancing each space with our highly regarded signature lighting story. However, it is in the Master Suite where the elegant home is elevated to the next level of luxury. In both the bed and bath, dramatic yet warming chandeliers, sconces, and lamps adorn the space like jewelry. Both spaces feature architecturally exquisite ceiling detail which we enhanced with contemporary, shimmering fixtures for added visual interest, drawing the eye ever-upward. The color story, while seemingly neutral is surprisingly nuanced and layered. Crisp whites set against sterling silvers, bouncing light off the silken fabrics, glistening crystal and reflective surfaces makes the Suite feel boundless. The serenity evoked by the soft palette offers a sense of immediate calm as soon as you cross the threshold. In the bathroom, the designer’s own custom cabinetry collection lines the asymmetric room, drawing the eye to the undeniable focal point of the freestanding bath, bathed in natural light. The beveled façade and emerald cut hardware of each drawer gives the entire wall of floating cabinetry a jewel box-like appeal. Juxtaposing the crisp edges of the cabinetry, the modern style bath, linear strips of mirrors allowing the textured wall-covering to peek through, and radiant crystal chandelier soften the space. Streamlined from the tray ceiling to the glassy marble floor, each design element elongates and expands the already spacious en suite oasis.

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