Best Social Media Marketing


Inclusive and documentary. Those are words to describe Carrie Brigham Design’s Instagram and how it stands out amongst other designers. We like to take our audience along with us for every step of the design process. We not only showcase our team’s amazing work, but also what a client and team member experience daily in our office. From preparing for client meetings to photoshoots, install days to day in the life at our office, we truly love capturing everything that makes our company unique. We enjoy incorporating interactive elements, such as posting questions and polls to get to know our audience and understand that we aren’t just another designer’s social media page – we want to be our followers’ daily dose of inspiration. Our followers have shared they feel at peace and follow our account to get inspired and daydream. Capturing the true representation of colors and using natural light to do so creates our intended and aesthetically pleasing color palette all while inviting new followers to have a relaxed look at our design process and completed projects.

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