Best Outdoor Living Area

$4,000,001 – $5,000,000

The large covered area is broken into a cooking/entertaining space and a more formal dining space. The spaces lend themselves from drinks with friends to intimate evening events. Carrying on the theme from the rest of the home, a focus was placed on quality, value, and the comfort of both the home owner’s and their guests. Four infrared heaters line the ceiling of the primary outdoor entertaining area along with low pressure high volume fans ensure that everyone is comfortable no matter the season. The cooking area combines a beautiful built-in pizza oven with a grilling area designed for prolonged and varied use. A fully built-in exhaust system for the grill allows for the free standing grill to be easily replaced as it is worn down by the Florida humidity and allows for the use of a smoker safely in a covered space. The rolling screens can be used to cordon off either area separately to help enclose the much need heat on those cold winter evenings or to ward off the pesky bugs without completely cutting off the pool. The pool is raised for easy entrance and to allow for the full 360 degree infinity edge that takes advantage of the unique dual waterfront layout of the lot.

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