Best E-Marketing Campaign


This agency, founded in 2001, is widely known as a leader in public relations, marketing and communications for its local, regional and worldwide clients for 20 years. The company has been creating exponential growth for each of its clients and has over 450 awards to show for it.

This online marketing campaign showcases the unique beauty of nature and relates it to the creativity and artistry that this agency brings to the table. Delivered directly to those who indicated an interest in working with the company, the agency took the opportunity to show its potential new clients just how creative they really are. Coupled with attention-grabbing subject lines, the campaign consisted of six different bug-punned e-blasts, reaching 1,500 people, and saw an average of 25.4% open rate and a 3% clickthrough. The industry average open rate is considered to be successful if it’s between 15-25% and the clickthrough rate should be about 2.5%, putting the agency’s campaign squarely into the winner’s bracket.