Best Video Presentation


To be the ultimate country club for healthy active living in Southwest Florida’ as the forerunners in Southwest Florida Country Club lifestyle. We strive to provide the best to our membership through our enthusiasm and dedication. We create value whilst promoting growth by producing quality media assets that reflect the understated elegance and endless amenities of our Club. Enjoy this cinematic window into the vital, flourishing life of our own Club members as they go about their day. Real Members. Real Fun. In this quick, one and a half minute video, viewers get to see just what a day in the life at the Club could look like. With all the amenities offered, it is easy to see why our Club is one of the most sought after memberships in Southwest Florida. With astounding visuals, first class amenities, real-life members and staff, this video truly shows that with our Club, what you see is what you get! – Directed by in house creative team – Seamless transitions – High quality video – Color corrected footage – Member and Staff model volunteers – 2,000+ target market views This video features our very own members as they go about their day enjoying the Club amenities to the fullest. Our objective is to convey an unspoken story of active, healthy living for a plethora of club lifestyles and ages. The optimistic non-diegetic sounds and music complement the story line to transport the viewer into A Day in the Life of a Club member. No models where used on the filming of this video, which earned the subtitle Real Members, Real Fun. The video was released alongside the website renovation in October 2019. It sits on the Club’s landing page and has attracted the views of over 2,000 potential members. Since its release, over 85 membership where sold.

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