Best Direct Mail


Bonness is a family-owned and operated, full-service paving, site work and underground utilities contractor serving the needs of homeowners, condominiums, businesses, communities, contractors, developers, counties and municipalities throughout Southwest Florida. Bonness’s mission is to fully serve Southwest Florida’s paving and site work needs with honesty and integrity by providing a quality product, outstanding customer service, value and initiative. The challenge Bonness faced when creating this direct mail campaign was how to make something that is seemingly unrelatable and unexciting like paving and site work into something that is both of those things. The question Bonness had to ask themselves was How do we get our potential customers to remember Bonness and think of us for their next project? To make their direct mail more memorable, they used high-quality photos, relatability and humor. Direct mail piece #1 related their work to something we all experienced – the stay-at-home order while tying in their work as site work contractors. Direct mail piece #2 utilized humor and a creative play on words and imagery to get customers to remember the Bonness name and their work. Lastly, piece #3 showed a perfectly managed and paved driveway, one that would inspire homeowners to give their homes a little TLC.

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