Best Direct MailMARKETING

As the custom interiors extension of a renowned, award-winning Naples, Florida home builder, as well as a standalone firm, EDGE boasts a particularly affluent clientele. In the intensely competitive landscape of high-end interior design, custom closets and bespoke cabinetry businesses, EDGE continuously seeks opportunities to expand brand awareness, primarily among luxury home and condominium owners. The brand’s aesthetic evident in their private label custom cabinetry is minimalist, modern and cutting-edge. 
Those same characteristics describe the postcards we wrote and designed to reach two specific audiences—condominium homeowners and potential home-related vendor partners. Both pieces have the same unique folding pattern, with a portion of their branding theme line (There are interior motives) on the cover. Upon opening, the conclusion of the line (behind everything we do) is revealed. On adjacent panels are a custom message addressing each of the unique audiences as well as a bullet list of capabilities and services EDGE provides. 
Inside, flawless original photography in a muted, neutral-forward palette of white, black, gray and charcoal establishes a memorable visual identity. The two Es in the logo (one forward, one reversed) become a secondary graphic element which makes a subtle allusion to shelves and drawers, the most fundamental elements of both closets of cabinets—specialties of the EDGE brand.