Interior Designer
$250,001 - $400,000
Private Residence

The goal of this project was to transform the outdated design into a captivating haven of modern elegance and functionality. Breathing new life into the remodeled residence, this once outdated home with its Tuscan columns and arches, has been beautifully revitalized. We understood the importance of creating a space that harmonized with the needs of a large family. We have skillfully opened up the interiors, embracing a clean and modern aesthetic that exudes a sense of spaciousness and freedom. The result is a home that effortlessly accommodates the dynamics of the family while offering a stunning backdrop for cherished moments.

Large windows not only flood the space with an abundance of natural light, creating an inviting and uplifting atmosphere, but also serve as frames that showcase the picturesque views of the home’s surroundings.

The design focuses on combining form and function. Each room is thoughtfully designed to optimize the available space, ensuring that every corner serves a purpose. We considered the family’s unique needs and lifestyle, creating functional layouts that enhance the daily routines and activities.
During this transformative journey, one of the most significant challenges we encountered was the presence of an out-of-date staircase. However, our expert design team rose to the occasion, devising a solution that seamlessly integrated modern aesthetics while retaining the staircase’s architectural footprint.
By removing the old balusters and banister, we created a blank canvas for our innovative design approach. Our goal was to reimagine the staircase as a focal point that harmonizes with the clean and modern atmosphere we aimed to achieve.

To create this, we introduced new metal elements and cables to replace the outdated balusters. This choice imbued the staircase with a contemporary charm, adding sleek lines and a touch of sophistication.

By maintaining the original architectural footprint, we ensured that the redesigned staircase seamlessly integrated into the existing space. This approach allowed us to preserve the familiar flow and functionality while infusing a fresh, updated look. The result is a stunning staircase that seamlessly blends with the overall design scheme and becomes an artistic expression of the home’s transformation.

Throughout the home, our curated selection of furnishings, lighting, fabrics, and décor is meticulously chosen to complement the clean and modern aesthetic. From sleek furniture pieces that offer both comfort and style to tasteful accents that add personality and character, we curated a cohesive design that reflects the client’s vision and transforms the home into a sanctuary they’ll love returning to.