Best Healthcare FacilityCOMMERCIAL
Over $5,000,000*

This new construction project consists of 34,275 SF of Medical Office Space located on 2.74 Acres. The Site Design featured Extensive Landscaping and Decorative Stamped Concrete Sidewalks to compliment the Building Design. The Shell Construction is a Two-Story Precast Tilt-Wall Structure with Composite Steel Beams and Decking. The Architectural Reveals within the Panel Design deliver a highly aesthetic appearance from the outside. The design team incorporated Aluminum Composite Panels, a Translucent Canopy and Architectural Louver Awnings to give the Structure a very modern appearance. Physicians Regional Hospital was the Primary Tenant with the construction of Multiple Tenant Buildouts. These Buildouts consisted of an Urgent Care Clinic, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Future Imaging Suite, General Practice and Time Share spaces equipped with State of the Art Technology for its employees and patients to utilize. These areas were complete with spacious Waiting Rooms, Private Check-in/Check-out Counters, Exam/Procedure Rooms, Triage Treatment Rooms, X-Ray Room, Specialty Labs, Medication Rooms, Supporting Office and Breakrooms. The main challenge we encountered in the successful completion of the project was meeting the aggressive schedule when certain finish materials such as Insulation, Metal Studs and Drywall were in short supply. To offset any delays that we knew we were going to encounter we made a concentrated effort to complete the Shell Structure ahead of schedule so that the finish trades would have adequate procurement and installation time to complete the Tenant Buildouts. This was achieved by increasing work force and opening the site early to make early morning concrete pours and working weekend hours as necessary. In addition, we made an investment to completely seal all exterior openings of the building as we waited for our Storefront Windows to arrive. This allowed us to proceed with some of our interior finish work leading to a successful scheduled completion.