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$1,000,000 - $3,000,000

The renovation and addition of the existing 67,277 SF 2-story Jaguar Land Rover Naples automotive sales and service building was completed in 2 phases over the course of 14 months. The remodel included the renovation of the showroom, offices, and customer lounge and an addition of the front of the building, by way of reconstructing the front facade. This project was specifically developed to create a unique customer experience, but it also accommodates all aspects of the daily use of the site by the commercial and technical teams. The architecture and finishes of this remodel are consistent with other Jaguar Land Rover locations, ensuring the same experience across the country. Clean slight lines, modern aesthetics, and quality products were brought to life with the new Jaguar Land Rover Naples location. The structural wall system was specific to provide an exterior free from visual obstructions to create a seemingly floating glass facade. Combined with the reliance curtain wall system used in the storefront, this creates a modern aesthetic while allowing natural light into the space to create a boutique retail experience. In addition, the interior glazing system in the showroom provides beautiful glass partitions, allowing visitors to easily navigate through the space. The modern and sleek exterior is brought to life with Archestone ACM paneling, as well as new landscaping throughout on the front and side of the building. In the midst of material and manpower shortages and the covid era, this project brought on even greater challenges with demolition and construction being done while the facility stayed open and operating. Understanding the shoring and structural elements of tearing down a project and re-building in phases took specific skill and planning. The main focus was keeping the public safe while doing this work. Of the 2 phases, each phase consisted of demolition, re-building, and then re-opening. Extra measures were taken to protect pedestrians, due to the fact that the only restroom facilities were in Phase 2. The entire project took place while the facility was open and operating, meaning safety, precision, and quality work was instrumental to the completion of JLR Naples.