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Under $1,000,000

The Lykos Group has expanded into the Marco Island new home market. Nearly 50% of Lykos’ new work is on Marco Island. Early in the expansion to Marco, Lykos employees traveled to Marco every day. Marco Island clients had to travel to Naples to the Lykos office for meetings, design review, plan review, etc. 
In order to accommodate our client and vendor partners on Marco, we decided to open an office on Marco. To maximize the benefit of the space, we decided to create 3 separate work spaces within the total area. #1 – at the front, a conference room for client meetings. #2 – in the center, a design studio with kitchen vignette. #3 – at the rear, office for staff and bathroom. This set up allows us to hold client meetings in a professional environment. It also allows us to present design ideas and provide various fixtures and finishes for homeowner consideration. Lastly, the office area provides a private area for our construction team leaders to conduct business. Overall, our presence on Marco Island helps to connect us to the community. We intend to operate on Marco for several years and we feel strongly that we need to be committed citizens of the area.