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The Lykos Group is a fast-growing specialized luxury builder based in Naples, Florida. They have provided homeowners with custom homes and complete renovations since 1991. The Lykos team pride themselves on bringing the highest-quality luxury homes to life and making the entire process as rewarding as possible for clients and construction professionals alike. In recent months, their custom builds on Marco Island in particular earned them unprecedented praise for both their product and their people. 
To capitalize on this brand awareness momentum, we created a banner ad campaign with Marco-centric messaging. The island has so quickly become a “hive” for new custom builds and remodels, a new page dedicated to reaching potential business there was added to the website.  
Graphically, the banner ads mimic the brand ad campaign, enhanced with calls to action which link to richer content on including a gallery of projects, the Marco Island page and even the president’s blog post on why Marco is the place to buy and build. Overlaying a part of the Lykos logo onto an image of its work creates an eye-catching graphic to grab the attention of the online user. The short, simple headline in gold draws the eye and creates a great lead-in to the call to action.