REMODELINGSpace Renovation
$250,001 - $400,000

This home was built in 2001. The finishes were dated and the the exterior living area was lacking current desired features. The homeowners have adult children that visit often during the fall and winter months. As outdoor living spaces have become more important in Southwest Florida lifestyles, the homeowners desired to make the overall look of the outdoor living space more current, add features like a fire pit, and increase the function of the outdoor kitchen to operate as a full featured kitchen and bar with a television. To protect the new fixtures, finishes, and furniture during the off-season months, motorized roll down shutters were installed at the new outdoor kitchen/ bar and the existing covered lanai. The old screen cage was replaced with a new “picture window” screen cage to improve the views. The pool was refurbished with new equipment, new waterline tile, new pebble crete and new pool coping. The old pool deck was sand set pavers. To upgrade the finish, the sand set pavers were removed, 4-6 inches of sand were removed from the entire deck & covered lanai, and a 4″ concrete slab was poured at the pool deck, existing covered lanai and new outdoor kitchen/bar. The concrete slab was finished with thinset shellstone tile.