Interior Designer
$3,000,001 - $4,000,000
Private Residence

Hailing from Lexington, KY, our clients have found their perfect winter retreat in their second home. With their adult children and friends who love to visit, they are involved in the community and enjoy activities such as golfing and fishing. And of course, being true Kentuckians, they take great pleasure in indulging in their extensive collection of bourbon!

The color scheme chosen for their home revolves around white, blue, grey, and silver tones. The design style is a blend of transitional and organic elements, combining clean lines with elegant yet comfortable and livable furniture choices.

Upon entering the private elevator lobby, guests are greeted by a focal point of the lobby – a custom pivot door featuring beach-colored wood framed in charcoal wood, allowing light to flood through slits cut into the wood. The same linear design is replicated on the foyer wall, this time incorporating LED light strips. A blue chest and a custom art piece, add further visual interest to the space.

In the great room, a custom feature wall combines soft grey fabric and wood to host the TV, an electric fireplace, open cubby-like displays, hidden storage, and a concealed pivot door leading to the master bedroom. Two large sofas provide ample seating, while across from the TV wall, blue leather recliners offer a cozy spot for relaxation. The room is tied together with an area rug that combines different shades of blue, whites, and creams. Silver metal geometric end tables with glass tops flank each sofa, adding a touch of elegance. Next to the sliding glass doors, a comfortable chat area is set up, featuring swivel chairs. Stationary panels in a white background with a blue geometric pattern frame each sliding door.

The dining room showcases a large rectangular live-edge dining table in a driftwood color. Three crystal dandelion-like chandeliers hang gracefully over the table. The special custom feature wall is designed to showcase the owner’s extensive bourbon collection and sculptural artwork. The live-edge wood from the dining table is replicated on the wall, accentuating the front of the drawers. Backlighting highlights all the display areas, creating an enticing focal point.

In the master bedroom, a tall silver-finished wood king bed with a wave-like pattern across the headboard takes center stage. This wave-like design is also used to create a custom cabinet with a hidden TV that sits in front of the bed. Above the nightstands, silver geometric pendants add a touch of elegance. The bedroom also includes a custom floating cabinet in coordinating wood colors as the nightstands, with a large mirror featuring a lightning strike design down the center in silver leaf. The bedding is kept neutral, showcasing grey and off-white fabrics with silver and solid gold accents. These colors are mirrored in the soft stationary panels flanking the windows.

The balcony strikes a balance between luxury and functionality, offering a space where you can relax, chat and enjoy the breathtaking views. It’s a perfect spot to spend leisurely hours!