SALESSales Manager of the Year

Dolly is no stranger to roller-coaster market conditions. Beginning her real estate career in 1998, she continued her success through the challenging 2008 recession. Motivated by a desire to coach and to see people succeed, Dolly has held many positions in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Training mostly in homebuilding. Her enthusiasm for learning, teaching, and setting up her team for success is evident to how she describes her approach t management – it’s a learning opportunity for herself and her team.  
Her team exists of over 20 sales consultants plus the Online Sales Team. She oversees 12 communities across all brands of Pulte – Centex, DiVosta, Pulte, and Del Webb. In the last year Dolly opened 3 brand new communities successfully and has 2 more underway. She has created a team of confident and dedicated Sales Consultants who do exceptional work. 
Achievements, performance, and accomplishments in the past calendar year:  
– Dolly exceeded the goals for her communities last year with 142% of net signup goals.  
– Dolly’s philosophy of constant coaching has led her team’s customer service scores to increase from 7.8 to 8.9 in only 4 months. 
Number of communities supervised:  
– Dolly is currently supervising 12 communities across 4 different brands along with opening 3 brand new communities and 2 in process. She successfully manages 22 full and part-time employees, with a high staff retention rate and a high employee engagement score.  
Unique sales programs implemented during the past calendar year:  
– Total dollar volume and units sold in communities supervised from June 30, 2021, through May 31, 2022: $328,885,865 total net dollar volume and 426 units sold. 
Description of the community, civic and industry involvement:  
– Married to her husband Neal of 32 years, her son Inder is now at UW@ Madison in the Applied Economics PhD program.  
– Dolly is very involved in her community as well as her faith group volunteering and supporting women and children’s initiatives.  
– In 2013 she was part of the original mastermind group – Jeff Shore Roundtable and has been a part of the Jeff Shore Alumni circle since then.  
One of Dolly’s greatest strengths as a Sales Leader is her ability to identify strengths and opportunities in her team and take the necessary individualized steps to coach them up (or out). 
Many of the presentations Dolly has facilitated and/or created/presented are a product of her ability to train and develop others, including but not limited to: 
– Co-Presented “A Day in the Life of GSM – Better Time Management” @ the FL GSM/DOS Collaboration. 
– Presented “Adapt and Thrive” @ the Division Sales Rally 
– Facilitated & delivered with Warranty dept.: “Delivering Effective Communication” training for the Division. 
Additionally, Dolly has worked side-by-side to develop future leaders in our Division, including: 
– Successfully leading and managing a new SSM 
– Developing and coaching an SC to CFT