Best Overall CampaignMARKETING

The “Nothing Compares” campaign conveys our steadfast commitment to providing an incomparable and consistent real estate experience throughout all of our offices and locations. The short, on-brand messaging resonates with customers, whether they’re viewing it print or in digital spaces. Our goal was to ensure Nothing Compares not only encapsulated our unrivaled service, but that it could also be easily translated to celebrate the diverse architecture and lifestyles offerings we showcase in Florida. It signifies our local expertise as well as our global reach. T

he comprehensive campaign featured a suite of marketing collateral — from direct mailers and print ads to a listing presentation and our flagship periodical, Folio. All pieces were created in-house by a team of 30 marketing professionals in the Naples home office; therefore, there were no additional design costs. From concept to completion, each marketing piece was guided by the chief marketing officer and creative director, who worked closely with the Naples marketing director, design team and communications team on everything from strategy, graphic design, and copywriting to direct mail services and media buying. Producing exceptional material is embedded in the company culture: our brand calls for a sophisticated solution to every project. Therefore, each piece must be elevated to the highest level. This elevated standard includes the photography – as the company only uses a select and approved list of photographers and only the most vibrant and engaging photos are selected for print.

Along with the visual elements, the tactile experience is also a crucial part of the process The in-house team works closely with trusted print vendors in choosing premium printing stock and the exact printing process that enhances all materials. A case in point is Folio — a 140-page magazine with all original content created by the marketing team — which is printed on high-quality paper with a spot-varnish logo. These tactile elements complement the quality print experience, and therefore an all-encompassing “elevated experience” that remains consistent throughout all marketing collateral. In the real estate industry, Nothing Compares to our firm.

*** The URL shows our brand ads on pages 1-7, then pages 8 and on are the FOLIO magazine. It has many pages but since you can’t see it in person, please take a look to see our creative content to include items from the Sotheby’s Auction house, local attractions and our agents’ listings.