Best Magazine AdMARKETING

The “Nothing Compares” tri-fold ad appeared on the inside cover of the magazine with the intention of creating an interactive experience — and we procured premier placement for this very reason; when opened, it displays a stunning three-page spread with two of the pages printed on thick/gloss and the third page on regular/high gloss magazine paper. 
This piece conveys the message that “Nothing Compares” to our unwavering commitment to providing an unrivaled and consistent real estate experience throughout all of our offices and locations. The short, on-brand messaging resonates with customers, whether they’re viewing it print or in digital spaces. Our goal was to ensure Nothing Compares not only encapsulated our best-in-class service, but that it could also be easily translated to celebrate the diverse architecture and lifestyles offerings we showcase in Florida. It signifies our local expertise as well as our global reach. The high-end resort market of Naples attracts buyers from around the country and across the world, and Nothing Compares to our international network.  
From concept to completion, the tri-fold was produced entirely by the in-house team (therefore no design costs) and guided by our chief marketing officer and creative director, who worked closely with PSIR’s Naples marketing director, design team and communications team on everything from graphic design and copywriting to the printing specifications. 
Our design challenge was that we had to redesign the third page to match the cover later chosen by Florida Design Magazine. The cover leaves a 1/4 inch open so that our ad would show underneath. Originally designed with our signature Sothebys’ blue, it was directed to change to white so that it meshed with the cover. That left us with a clean ad in crisp white which we ultimately were pleased with and was a cohesive fit and blend with Florida Design’s overall design.