Best Video PresentationMARKETING

Our people are Premier… in their pursuit of authentic relationships, in their unwavering values, and in their aspiration to help others live their best lives — through exceptional customer service. While we are pleased to be recognized as one of the leading brokerages in the United States, we are more gratified by the impact our global advisors make in the lives of those they serve. We set the ultimate standard in the real estate industry, and our success is fueled by our award-winning global advisors. 
We set out to create a video that would declare “Who We Are”and showcase how we are Premier. This video was intended to be both public-facing to our customers as well as an internal declaration about our company values. The video features members of our sales and leadership team, who represent the best of the best in our business. In this video, the story of our Premier people is complemented by original music and a world-class performance — a custom creation that manifested from our mission to provide a differentiated experience. 
The genesis of the musical piece of this video began when we looked at all of our touch points with consumers to ensure that we were delivering an elevated first impression. We knew that every one of our 40 offices provided a different experience when people called, were placed on hold, or left voicemails. It seems like a very small thing, but we know that first impressions are everything. We decided to hire one of the world’s best audio branding companies —PHMG—to help us streamline our phone and voicemail systems with a custom audio platform that would clearly and cohesively communicate the essence of our brand throughout our locations from Florida to North Carolina. The “Be Premier” original song and the subsequent “Declaration” video evolved from this mission. In reverence to our time-honored, iconic brand, PHMG wanted to do something above and beyond just a telephone system for us. They collaborated with our leadership team to create a signature sound that would not only greet callers but capture the essence of our company. After getting to know our history and vision, “Be Premier” was created by Nashville singer/songwriter Cody Clark and British composer Joe Dickinson and performed by the esteemed Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London.  
This original music is a key element that symbolizes the unique culture of our company — a bespoke offering that creates a differentiated experience. This sound serves as a new way of reinforcing our brand. It is a powerful identifier of who we are and our “why.” Because sound is visceral, it elicits a more emotional response than a visual logo, and that is priceless. The video presentation showcases our global advisors along with our music and a jaw-dropping performance — telling the story of our culture, both audibly and visually — through one of the world’s most well-known orchestras performing at a venue synonymous with the world’s greatest musical artists Premier, indeed.