Best Overall CampaignMARKETING

In Collier County and the surrounding region, real estate—especially luxury residential real estate—is a highly competitive business category. Listings and sales of properties are the lifeblood of every real estate brokerage. Brokerages and their affiliated agents jockey to differentiate themselves, solidify brand loyalty among their current customers and expand brand awareness to prospects and an exponentially growing number of new arrivals. From July 2021 to July 2022 alone, nearly 444,500 people migrated to Florida, with Southwest Florida among their top destinations. 
We created and launched a creative campaign across all media called “Look No Further.” Look No Further is our declaration; a manifesto to those seeking exceptional, comprehensive luxury real estate services. It was crafted to speak equally to sellers, buyers, renters, and future global advisors (our nomenclature to distinguish agents in our network). Look No Further elevates us as the premier choice in luxury real estate. 
Campaign creative can be summarized with three words: simple, bold and confident. The new assets boast clean lines, white space and a dominant, memorable headline in a custom font we created (Premier Display), adorned with exquisite imagery. The creative always leads with a question intended to resonate with one of our target audiences, answered by our campaign manifesto. Ready for an elevated real estate experience? Look No Further. Ready to live your dream lifestyle? Look No Further. Ready to elevate your real estate career? Look No Further. 
A QR code replaces the traditional display of property information. Doing so allows the headline and original photography to be the heroes of the ad while simultaneously linking the customer effortlessly to full property details. We finish every campaign element with our 40th anniversary logo, in recognition of this significant milestone in our company’s history. 
The campaign, introduced to the market in early 2023, extends across print, direct mail, digital, online, social media and video targeting an array of audiences, both internal and external.