Best Healthcare FacilityCOMMERCIAL
$1,000,000 - $3,000,000

• The Woodruff Institute for Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery purchased the second floor of the Bayfront Professional Building in Naples as its new flagship location. This beautiful, luxurious space serves as their administrative headquarters and provides state-of-the-art clinical space to deliver the highest quality dermatology, cosmetic procedures, and Mohs surgery. 
• Originally the space housed 42 administrative offices. The entire floor was gutted, and all original walls were torn down to allow the complete floor plan reconfiguration. 
• The new floor plan showcases a large main reception area that impresses first-time patients with luxury statement features, including 18 large translucent ceiling lighting panels, four (4) oversized chandeliers, and 10 wood beams. These beams vertically at the reception area and connect horizontally, running parallel to the ceiling, a refreshment station, and a retail space.  
• The client and designer were dedicated to high-end and luxury finishes and lighting throughout the entire floor, including the exam rooms, administrative spaces, conference rooms, and employee breakroom. 
• Luxury features and finishes in the 13 exam rooms include dimmable chandeliers, architectural wood ceiling panels, tiled walls, high-end plumbing fixtures, wooden shelves, and custom cabinetry and storage space. 
• The design of the exam rooms was strategically placed, allowing the physicians to treat up to 7 patients every 15 minutes – a total of 228 patients a day.  
• The client wanted to emphasize a healthy working environment for both the practicing physicians and administrative staff in the office; therefore, a stunning break area inspired by modern and trendy restaurants was created.  
• The break area, which can hold up to 38 staff at once, houses a full-service kitchen and state-of-the-art appliances, including a Miele built-in espresso machine.  
• Bright reds, warm wood tones, and sleek blacks were used throughout the break room and the administrative space, whereas in the patient spaces, a cooler, calmer color palette was used with blues and creams.  
• A high-end aesthetician station is found at the heart of the exam rooms, where demonstrations and state-of-the-art skincare products can be tested in private coaching sessions. A beautiful mosaic mural, a copper and silver chandelier, and flattering lighting welcome patients into this space.  
• In the administrative space, a total of 96 fun and funky acoustical ceiling panels greet triage and call center staff into a fast-paced setting while also offering four large private offices with floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows for management.  
• Each of the 96 ceiling panels had to be hung individually in the triage/administrative spaces.  
• The 270-square-foot primary conference room serves as an introductory space for prospective physicians seeking to complete their fellowship or join the Woodruff Team. Again, no expense was spared in the finishes of this room to impress all those who enter. 
• The entire ceiling of the primary conference room is covered with 69 wooden slats, along with 22 singular narrow leaf-shaped lighting fixtures, which were arranged in a manner that is reminiscent of honeycomb when viewed from the floor looking up.