Best Office/Commercial ProjectCOMMERCIAL
$3,000,001 - $5,000,000

-This project is the 12th retail store location for the Sunshine Ace Family in Southwest Florida. Located in the new plaza at Founders Square, this retail space anchors several local businesses and restaurants in the up-and-coming area, which is filling quickly with new neighborhoods as development continues eastbound in Collier County.  
-The floorplan is the first of its kind for Ace Hardware stores nationwide, which includes a drive-through pickup option, something none of the other stores feature.  
-This retail space can operate on a generator for unlimited time as long as propane is available; something which the client and founder of Sunshine Ace wanted to ensure would be an option in the case of hurricanes or other natural disasters.  
-The entryway parapet stands at 40 feet tall, creating an impressive welcome to new patrons. The custom signage on the front elevation spans over 10 feet tall by 8 feet wide.  
-The retail sales floor spans 17,161 square feet, boasting over five thousand different products. Many of these products are provided by local Florida vendors, as the client’s family prefer to source local products and businesses to support the Florida economy.  
-Total occupancy of the retail space is 596 persons. This particular store boasts female management and a diverse team, something the client’s family also takes pride in.  
-The highlight of this store is a drive-thru pickup area which customers can easily place orders on the website and pick them up within 1 or 2 hours. The client forecasts this feature will become a “one-stop shop” in the event of hurricane preparation and post-hurricane remediation, as the store will offer propane tanks, plywood, and other hurricane essentials. The door to the drive-up is aluminum large and small missile impact-resistant strength.