Best Specialty FeaturePRODUCT DESIGN
$25,001 - $50,000

• Building a staircase is common when building or renovating homes. Combining two units of a luxury condominium highrise with a spiral staircase is not. 
This client wanted to find a way to connect two of their spaces, one on top of each other, by drilling a hole in the floor and installing a staircase.  
• This unique project included intensive planning and engineering to cut a 49-square-foot hole in a seventh-story condominium to conjoin the sixth-story unit into one residence.  
• Appropriate structural engineering was required to reinforce the flooring to ultimately and successfully build a custom illuminated staircase with a 60-inch diameter.  
• The staircase height reaches 102″ floor-to-floor, with an additional 36″ platform rail height for a total length of 138″ structurally.  
• Treads were custom-built to accommodate the channels for LED lighting under each stair, creating a beautiful illumination effect.  
• The finish of the staircase was a black powder coat, creating a sleek and modern appearance.  
• The time-lapse video shows (link provided) that the staircase assembly was not an easy feat. One of the challenges presented was the space in which to work. With every “step” of the way, the field staff had to work together and maneuver through a very tight space carefully and with clear communication. 
Construction of the staircase took over 30 days to complete. During this time, multiple layers of concrete were needed to cure, and multiple engineering inspections were required along the way.