Over $1,000,000*

The first thing people will notice when they visit the St. Kitts Pool is the custom knife edge construction. This not only allows the water level to match the pool level – it also provides an elegant way to hide the water filtering system. Typical commercial pools have water levels which are significantly lower than the pool deck, and a visible, extensive (an unseemly) grate system to provide for water sanitation. The St. Kitts pool is truly groundbreaking as it is the only commercial pool in the state of Florida to utilize a knife edge design.  
Other features include an outdoor grilling / kitchen area, a spa (with water spillways), lap swimming, a sun shelf with chaise lounges, an upper deck patio overlook, trellising, tropical landscaping, preserve views and screening from parking. 
Construction includes an Italian porcelain pool deck, sleek hand rails, a pool access ladder, a push-button fire table (with timer) and Tucci ® Umbrella dining tables. 
All these carefully considered features and materials truly came together to create a multi-faceted, comfortable oasis that that the family and friends of St. Kitts will visit and create memories in for years to come.