Best Landscape DesignPRODUCT DESIGN
$1,000,001 - $2,000,000

The features of this landscape design come together to balance elegance and utility while requiring minimal maintenance. Extensive use of artificial turf and stone throughout the landscape eliminate the need for routine use of irrigation, fertilizer applications and mowing services, all of which is both low maintenance and reduces the environmental impact of keeping the property well maintained. Strategic downlighting from trees throughout the property highlight the interesting stone features within the front yard. These beds in the front yard feature boulders, crushed shell and Mexican beach pebble. Each of these inorganic aspects serve nicely to showcase the elegant plantings – all of which makes the front of the property intricate and appealing. The driveway extends along the left side of the house through the fence gate into the side yard, culminating in a space which can be used for boat storage, vehicle detailing or simply extra parking. The portion of the driveway extending to the side yard also features a creative use of artificial turf which serves to make the front yard look and feel larger, while also being durable enough to weather parking and driving over that space. Multi-level plantings along the outside of the back yard add privacy and tranquility to the backyard space. Café string lights above the patio in the back and over the putting green in the side yard allow for easy use of those areas in the evening. The narrow space on the right side of the house, which might easily have been forgotten or neglected due to the close proximity of the house and the property line has been designed as a putting green which is easily repurposed as a cornhole pitch. All of these features of the landscape design come together to make a beautiful and intricate space that is easy and inexpensive to maintain while being highly functional.