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Over $5,000,000*

Marco Island Fire Station 50 (FS50) is the City’s newest dual-purpose, cutting-edge fire station that serves the staff and residents of Marco Island, FL. The facility is designed and constructed to act as the primary fire station for the island as well as serve as the island’s Emergency Operation Center during natural and man-made disasters. Fire Station 50 is a 24,000-square-foot, two-story facility with a three-story training tower. The facility consists of living quarters, a fitness room, a backup generator, a chiller, an emergency operations center, the City’s IT data center, a patio, and the site includes 208 parking spaces. The hardened structure is designed to withstand winds up to 210 MPH and sits at a flood plain level of 11 feet. It includes 38,000 CMU (concrete blocks,) 1,500 cubic yards of concrete, and more than 50 tons of rebar. The building has a modern look with plenty of large glass window openings that are aesthetically pleasing and allow for natural light penetration. 
The project site was located on the four-acre main government campus for the City of Marco Island. The job site was less than 150 feet from City Hall and less than 50 feet from the Marco Island Police Department Headquarters and the temporary fire station. The government campus is also situated at one of the busiest intersections on the island. Careful planning and close coordination with city staff and all first responders resulted in zero interruptions to the ongoing functions of the government campus. 
An existing fiber optic line that services 911 calls to the city ran through the middle of the job site. Special planning with our trade partners resulted in relocating the line above ground while underground utility and foundation work occurred to ensure there was zero disruption to the citizen’s ability to utilize 911 services. As soon as the work was completed, the fiber optic line was buried and protected. 
The two-story structure included precast hollow core plank slabs for the second floor and precast concrete stairs. Due to the congested nature of the site with limited staging and laydown area, these materials were stored at an offsite location. Deliveries were coordinated with the city to avoid any disruption to traffic. Materials were picked directly from the truck and set in place one truck at a time. The result was the safe placement of all slabs and stairs while avoiding any disruption to traffic and the government campus operations.