Under 5,000sqft

Our client’s tile and natural stone showroom had not undergone a major renovation since the mid-1980s. The multi-room space was dark and not adaptable to showcase the latest tile and stone products. The goal was to completely transform the space to be user friendly and adaptable to future trends. The renovation required us to maintain the integrity of the administrative offices and be completed in 16 weeks.  
The original construction included 2×4 wood framed walls that supported the ceiling joists. In order to raise the ceiling to 10’ and remove interior walls, the ceiling frame was suspended from the metal building’s purlins.  
A state-of-the-art lighting design was created that provided flexibility in both lighting temperatures and future displays. In the interest of staying ahead of the flooring trends, our client opted to use a 48×48 large format porcelain tile. Restricted by the front door and admin office doorways, the original concrete slab had to be ground down in areas to provide a perfect level surface to receive the large format tiles.  
Our client also wanted to create a statement wall that would differentiate themselves from other tile and natural stone showrooms. Various ideas were proposed, and our client opted to go with a full-size Blue Agate slab which is back lit by LED panels. Placed in the direct line of sight from the front door, this wall not only wows their clients but also becomes a quick conversation starter. 
Our client was ecstatic that we were able to turn over the new showroom in 15 weeks.