$7,000,001 - $9,000,000
Private Residence

This new 6,000-square-foot custom residence represents the builder’s first solar-powered home created for former clients who wanted to push the boundaries of solar energy and energy efficiency. Designed with the goal of solar generating most, if not all, the home’s energy needs, four Tesla Powerwalls replace a generator, storing backup energy and powering the home at night and during storm conditions. 78, 380-watt black solar tiles generate clean energy fueled by the sun while zoned air-conditioning and automated systems enhance energy efficiency and livability. 
Oriented for optimal sun exposure, the home incorporates architecture, innovation and technology to reduce energy use and address interior heat gain from its large windows and glass doors. Cantilevered roof overhangs shade expanses of glass and reduce the interior heat load while a whole-home Control4 system is programmed to close motorized blackout shades and window treatments throughout the home and turn off lights in select rooms during certain times of the day. The system also controls security, garage doors and motion sensors in the master suite’s two walk-in closets that turn off lights when the rooms are unoccupied. 
The HVAC operates independently, allowing the homeowners to control air conditioning in seldom-used areas and guestrooms. 
Small details like touch-activated kitchen cabinet doors and USB ports and outlets incorporated into nightstands add to the home’s ease of use.