Saltleaf on Estero Bay’s community logo was created to accomplish two goals. First, to communicate Saltleaf’s nature-rich setting — an extremely rare, full mile of waterfront property beside Florida’s first aquatic preserve. And second, to be nimble enough to work for a cross-section of audiences interested in everything from Saltleaf’s public golf course and marina to its gated and exclusive Ritz-Carlton Residences.  
Saltleaf on Estero Bay is a new, 507-acre community in Bonita Springs, whose first residences will be Ritz-Carlton branded. A major differentiator from other Naples-area hospitality-branded residences is Saltleaf’s exceptionally peaceful and expansive natural setting. With Estero Bay as its border, Saltleaf will be a community where residents can walk to a new neighborhood marina (with both public and private slips); play golf at a championship golf course, minimally altered to respect its native Florida habitat; explore a 144-acre natural preserve; walk and bike on a community trail network; and live in tower residences with architecture and interiors deeply influenced by an estuary visible from every residence. Saltleaf’s deep immersion in nature — and the life of serenity and activity it provides — sharply defines Saltleaf’s position among its local competitors. 
The logo’s mark communicates these important distinctions. The leaf shape conveys Saltleaf’s rare natural setting next to Estero Bay. Saltleaf was named for the estuary’s mangroves and how the leaves filter saltwater, among other admirable environmental attributes. Within this leaf outline, ripples mimic the motion of ocean waves, the sway of palms and the cascading architecture of Saltleaf’s first tower residences. The typeface is modern, its thick and thin lines a mirror of Saltleaf’s surprising convergences — the purity of nature and the refinement of its designed environments. This playful balance of heavy and light provides range, feeling as appropriate for the public-facing Saltleaf Golf Preserve to The Ritz-Carlton Residences’ lifestyle of luxury. And there was one other critical consideration: Because the Saltleaf logo would be used in conjunction with the Ritz-Carlton logo, it needed to feel complementary. Not in competition with the classic lion and crown mark, but a kindred spirit. Elegant, but modern, active and complete on its own.