This $5 million sales gallery captures the very essence of Southwest Florida’s most exclusive residences, reflecting the unrivaled lifestyle and architectural masterpiece of its two towers, set along nearly a mile of waterfront. A partnership between a visionary local developer, a legendary global hospitality brand and international architectural and interior design firms, the sales gallery represents an immersive, state-of-the-art experience that transports visitors into the unparalleled lifestyle by the legendary Ritz-Carlton brand.

Built in six months, the 5,000-square-foot gallery’s architecture stands out, making a bold, original statement, its undulating aluminum baffles casting eye-pleasing linear patterns of light, shadow and space while emulating the curves of the cascading façade of the two, 22-story towers. The baffles’ deep-bronze hue and lush landscaping are derived from the natural setting of 500 surrounding acres and contrast the white stone hardscaping of walkways, stairs and a series of dramatic stone portals shading expanses of glass.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, the gallery reveals a 3D scale model of the 30-acre property. A full-size residence kitchen, wet bar with wine storage, master bathroom and master closet made from custom millwork feature all finishes and appliances to deepen the experience. Igniting the senses, virtual reality transports visitors throughout simulated amenity areas, the interiors of its two- to four-bedroom residences and views of the Estero Bay aquatic preserve. There is also a technology-driven conference room, presentation areas, and an on-site selection studio.

The gallery’s interiors emulate a laid-back elegance with rich textures, rare stones, bespoke details and showcase the beyond-luxury level grandeur of a legendary lifestyle. Light wood millwork brings warmth, while exquisite luxury fabrics and materials blend to exude the pinnacle of elevated living. There are even opportunities to touch materials that will adorn the residences and shared spaces.

The result is the most impressive sales center of any other residential offering in the market, one paralleling every element of ownership.