Best Newspaper AdMARKETING

Running in Naples Daily News and News Press, this full-page newspaper ad was tailored to build on brand awareness already achieved and to encourage sales gallery visits through deepened storytelling, an elevated editorial approach and create a sense of urgency. The ad needed to distinguish itself from typical luxury real estate ads that solely showcase products or rely on an expected lifestyle imagery. The larger ad dimensions allowed for a more comprehensive and differentiating approach.  
Instead of leading predictably with product, the headline taps into the emotion that the audience will experience in such a rare place: wonder. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Estero Bay are situated along one mile of waterfront beside our state’s first aquatic preserve and within walking distance of a 144-acre nature preserve. But like the wondrous outdoors, the residences, amenities and Ritz-Carlton hospitality are also exceptional, inspiring the concise and intriguing line: “Wonder outside, wonder inside.”  
The large headline and white type on a strong blue background are an arresting counterpoint to the newspaper’s gray, small-type background. Mangrove imagery adds dimension and reinforces the property’s true waterfront setting. Renderings give a clear sense of the high level of luxury the audience can expect. The body copy is substantive but not overwhelming, revealing more of the residences’ unique attributes, such as a private lagoon, iconic Ritz-Carlton service and access to a neighborhood marina and golf course. Finally, the call to action “choose your views now at the sales gallery” communicates urgency (to secure your favorite sunset view) and a clear next step.