$1,000,001 - $2,000,000
Private Residence

• The design goal with this Master suite was to remove the Tuscan theme with the platform tub, turned columns at the tub and the barrel ceiling. By utilizing unique and creative design solutions we were able to improve the use of the vanity area as well as the wet area consisting of a dual shower and free-standing tub.
• The clients wanted a spa-like feel leaving the space as open as possible.
o One strategy was to use lighter tile walls and floors broken up by a full length niche with “Ellipse Neptune” glass tile on the back side breaking up the large wet area wall.
o Beautiful finishes to the wood on the cabinetry and the elegant lighting of the niche and the lighted full-length mirror under the window that brings in natural light.
o The fixtures in the sinks and the tub filler bring a fine detail that gives the bathroom a clean quality that maximizes the ambience of the space.