Interior Designer
$250,001 - $400,000
Private Residence

To achieve the desired look of an ethereal open airy space involved renovating the space to overcome challenges of the small footprint. The design scope included curating every finish and detail, including furnishings, wall treatments, window treatments and the finest selections throughout from floor to ceiling. The result was a design that highlights rich, warm wood tones, glamorous marble, and accents of sparking metal finishes that embrace chic sophistication. Through this delicate combination and utilizing unique design solutions, the space exudes modern elegance and eye-catching ambience, while maintaining softness and balance throughout the condo. 
The clients’ desires for an open space with an ethereal feel was achieved by: 
– Sitting area which views the gulf and complements the color palette 
– Polished glow of materials accentuated with rich, inviting textures and color  
– Elegant light fixtures with details that accentuate the ethereal design 
– Creating a custom curved built-in bar area for entertaining 
– Deep marble top cabinet surrounds and marble wall finishes in the master bath 
– A balance of light countertops and dark custom cabinets to produce curved cabinetry to maximize and elevate the space 
The challenges of the small footprint were overcome by: 
– Strategies centered around elevating the sense of height and openness using hidden spaces and using light reflective surfaces. 
– Centering the kitchen around a beautiful stone slab curved island which incorporated a curved banquette nook area, and a sparkling fandalier to reflect light 
– White and espresso toned curvilinear cabinetry allowed a flow of movement through the entire space, maximized the space, and enhanced the gulf view 
– A mirrored range hood, and beautiful leather hardware provide fine detail that gives the kitchen a “furniture-like” quality and beauty maximizing the ambience of the small space. 
– To add two large vanities in the master suite, a freestanding tub and shower for two, the plumbing needed to be reworked while remaining hidden. This involved relocating and disguising plumbing pipes as a dual shower bench, which connected to the master bathtub while remaining unseen.  
– Paneled, upholstered headboard wall that extends to the ceiling to give the appearance of higher ceilings