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$3,000,001 - $4,000,000
Private Residence

In the high-end affluent market of Marco Island condominiums, retired or semi-retired couples are looking for a paradise retreat in an easy to maintain and luxurious setting with spectacular views to the Gulf of Mexico.

Built in 1995 with over 3,000 square feet of air-conditioned living space, this condo was in need of a new open layout, updated technology, and fresh design.
With smaller elevators which were typical in the day, no materials over 10 feet in length would fit. The condo association did not allow materials to be lifted to this 7th floor unit by outside ropes. In order to use standard 16’ trim materials, they needed to be cut down to 10 feet and seemed back together during installation. The kitchen island slabs needed to be brought up in 3 separate pieces and seemed together. The graining in the stone was matched with faux painting to seamlessly integrate the outlets in this stylish backsplash.

The client requested open views to the Gulf. To make the accommodation, a wall separating the kitchen from the living area was removed. Inside the wall were 3 drain pipes that service the entire building. We were allowed to redirect the 2nd / middle pipe so a view could be unobstructed. By moving the location of the sink and adding an additional sink, a special grinder pump was installed in the wall that redirects the waste water and pumps it to the main sewer drain.

For a modern twist, the entire condo is on a smart system that can be run by a panel in the unit or anywhere in the world from the client’s phone. The lights, shutters, air conditioning, and televisions are all including in the system.