Best Specialty FeaturePRODUCT DESIGN
$25,001 - $50,000

This project was unique because the client had somewhat of an idea of what they were looking for but trusted us to create the vision for him. They knew they wanted translucent backlit stone in some area of their home but were concerned about it being too ‘showy’ to their friends / family. Therefore, we suggested that by implementing translucent backlit stone in the master bathroom, it would create a sophisticated, contemporary look in an area that would still be able to be enjoyed by them on a daily basis.

It also allowed us to utilize this application to really brighten up the space when required, but also to lower the light levels for a real sense of ambiance and serenity in the evenings.

The technical challenges included not only properly controlling the overall total wattage of these assemblies, but also the hiding all the remote drivers and low voltage wiring required into inconspicuous yet readily accessible locations. Ensuring that the stone material was properly diffused prior to illuminating was critical, so that the lighting products would not be visible through the most translucent areas of the Cristallo. Working this lighting material around the bathtub as well as the undermount sinks presented technical issues that had to be overcome as well.